Body Treatments

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Experience the benefits of touch and put the world on hold in our relaxing,

tranquil, safe treatment rooms. Cocoon yourself on our heated couch,

gently lit by candle light whilst your body enjoys the pre-blended oils to

relax and unwind you.


In our hands you will be left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Go on treat yourself, you deserve it.


Swedish Massage                                                  


30 mins                                                                           £25

60 mins                                                                           £45

90 mins                                                                           £65




Deep Tissue Massage


A deep massage with one of our specialist massage therapists who will

ease the tightest muscles. 


30 mins                                                                           £30

60 mins                                                                           £55

90 mins                                                                           £75



Body Silk Treatment                                                       £30


Leaves you with soft, silky, beautiful skin, ideal before and after sun

exposure, removing dead skin cells and leaving pure radiance.



Bamboo Massage 


Warm bamboo massage is a powerful treatment and has the ability to

relax as well as re-energize, increase circulation and relieve sore muscles.

At Beauty Box, bamboo tools are warmed and applied to your body using

warm oil that helps the bamboo tools glide as we knead and massage your body,

giving you a relaxing massage with deep tissue techniques.


Full Body                                                                           £60 

Back Neck and Shoulders                                               £35




Tranquillity                                                                        £60

75 minutes


Relax incomplete peacefulness by starting your treatment with a body

brush all over to eliminate dead skin cells and leave your skin in pure

radiance. Followed by a full body massage to relax your tension and

stresses away, finishing off your treatment with a hydrating, calming body

cream to nourish and complete the perfect treatment.



Serenity (2hrs)                                                                  £75


Enjoy a tranquillity treatment with the added extra of a nourishing facial,

leaving your skin radiant and glowing from head to toe. 



Katherine Daniels Deep                                                   £65

Cleansing Back Treatment 


A relaxing treatment to deep cleanse and detoxify your back and 

shoulders. Unblocking your pores leaving your back feeling smoother and

looking blemish free, also ideal for pre and post tan.