bio sculpture

bio sculpture1.jpg.png

Bio Sculpture gel is the original soak off gel nail system, which has been the leading nail care since 1988. It was the first gel nail system

that lasts up to 3 weeks and soaks off easily without damaging the

natural nail.


Bio Sculpture base gel nail was created as 'the perfect professional product' and is tried, tested and proven as the 5-star safety rated gel.

Bio Sculpture gel is free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Toluene, DBP or Camphor, is strictly animal cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Today Bio Sculpture Gel is still the world leader in healthy nail care.


Bio Sculpture hands or toes                              £37

Removal and application                                   £40

Infills(on natural nail)                                         £35
Deluxe Bio Sculpture Manicure                         £47

Deluxe Bio Sculpture Pedicure                          £52
Removal and nail treatment                              £10
Removal and luxury manicure                          £25

Repair (after 1 week application)          £3 per nail

Silk wrap                                                  £3 per nail